Steiner education kindles the spirit of childhood, evoking academic excellence through educational artistry.

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The Caloundra Steiner School Association Inc. is a not for profit, non-denominational initiative born

out of a community need for child-focused, holistic education on the Sunshine Coast, south region.


Dedicated to creating a new community opportunity for families and children, the Caloundra Steiner School committee of volunteers are focused on creating a school based on the Steiner pedagogy.


This initiative marks the start of not only diversity in the educational sphere of Caloundra but it also offers an educational respite that has also opened up an avenue for like-minded parents and carers working together toward a sustainable future in the current climate of education.

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What is Steiner Education?

Steiner education kindles the spirit of childhood, evoking academic excellence through educational artistry. Teachers and schools strive to cultivate the healthy growth of the mind, body, and spirit of the child, encouraging, in the process, the child's spiritual freedom and growth.


Based on the pedagogical insights of Austrian-born, scientist, philosopher, artist, and educator Rudolf Steiner, this child-focused and developmentally appropriate education strives to meet the physical, emotional and intellectual capacities of the child, also known as educating the "Head, heart, and hands". In this way, we hope to foster life long learners who give purpose to their lives and communities and hold reverence, courage, and kindness at the core of their moral depth.


Academic subjects emerge from natural inquisitive topics, evolving from emergent phases of learning and scaffolding into more advanced learning opportunities as students travel through their schooling years with the one class teacher. Having the continuity of one class teacher offers a unique relationship to flourish, one that fosters trust and growth emotionally, socially and academically. Trained Steiner teachers work from a unified, integrated and interdisciplinary curriculum using original source material rather than relying on single-subject textbooks. By creating a living and flexible curriculum teachers are able to tailor the class content to meet the needs of individual children and their classes.

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Early Childhood (0-7 years)

The early year's program in Steiner schools offers a nurturing social experience for the child, it is an extension of the home life of the child. Steiner early childhood cultivates a "less is more" approach through immersion in nature, natural materials and home-based tasks such as cooking, free-play, and outdoor play which are strongly emphasised. 

Warmth in body, soul, and spirit is cherished in the early years, the child lives in the world of imitation and therefore schooling reflects a healthy imitative experience through the child's teachers, peers, and environment.

Singing, storytelling, free-play, movement, and adequate rest are all pillars of the early year's programs of this pre-academic program. 

Supported by a rich engagement with nature through festivals and yearly celebrations, students develop a strong connection with time and place.

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Primary Year's (7-12 years)

Through integrated learning experiences students are encouraged to express their academic abilities through both the creative and the formal outlets, utilising truth beauty and reverence in all that is done, students become self-motivated learners and inquisitive about the world they live in and subjects that are offered.

In the Steiner pedagogy subjects, lessons and skills are offered to the students age appropriately which by design does not force upon the child academic achievement from the outside world in but rather it fosters a yearning, a readiness and the appropriate capacity for the tools needed to experience success in their learning.


The Steiner pedagogy gives students the opportunity to engage in and develop respect for the various cultures of the world through their experience in the classroom and in celebration of seasonal festivals of the year. 

Each year level is enveloped by a historical cultural epoch of time, these umbrella themes such as “Norse mythology” or “ancient Persia” and are used by teachers to engage students in cross-curricular subjects.


While employing unique methods of teaching and learning, Steiner education meets the benchmarks of the National curriculum framework.

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